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D.O.N.E. Done!

My portion of Summer School 2010 is done!  I still need to proctor the math exams tomorrow and then grade my little heart out, but I have handed in all of my grades, copies of my exams, and my key!

Only two of my students failed.  One of the students showed up at least a half an hour late EVERY DAY.  She would miss all of the review time and then attempt the quizzes.  Needless to say, she struggled.  The other student did NOTHING all summer.  I wish I could have gotten through to these students, but I also needed some effort from them!

I did end up curving my final exam.  I went back and forth on it, but in the end I decided that it would help the students’ overall average, give them a little ego boost, and perhaps, make up for the fact that I have never used this test before and there may have been some flaws in it.  Overall, I was happy with my final exam results.  I think that using SBG as a framework during the year and then building my final exam around this definitely helped!

Overall, the summer ended up nicely for me.  It was great to give a final and have students actually be able to show me that they knew what they were doing.  I am sincerely hoping this carries over into the upcoming school year!


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